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Hazard Identification Sheets

To assist you in writing your risk assessment, we have provided the following Hazard Identification sheets for each of our venues. Please note: these are not risk assessments.

When considering health and safety requirements for your risk assessments, we find the children get the most out of our visits with the following adult to child ratios:

  • EYFS and KS1 - 1 adult for 4 - 6 pupils
  • KS2 - 1 adult for 10 pupils
  • KS3 and above - 1 adult for 15 pupils

Free preliminary visits are also available to any teacher thinking about bringing their students to one of our sites. Visiting may help you to familiarise yourself with the location, layout, collections and facilities of each attraction and save valuable time on the day of the visit. These can be arranged by contacting the Learning and Engagement Team.