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Media personal injury lawyers
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Over 1 million people a year are injured as a result of slip and fall accidents.  Over 15,000 people die from their injuries.  If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident suffering a devastating injury following an ice or snow slip and fall, the Media Slip and Fall Lawyers at Noel and Bonebrake are here to help you. Our lawyers will help you obtain compensation for your pain and suffering and the medical expenses and lost wages you have incurred as the result of the negligence of someone else.


The Media Slip and Fall Lawyers at Noel and Bonebrake have successfully evaluated scores of cases for clients who have suffered traumatic and disabling injuries as a result of ice and snow falls.


At Noel and Bonebrake, our Media Slip and Fall Lawyers understand that it often takes thorough investigation to determine liability after a slip and fall accident.Who was at fault for the accident? This issue needs to be property and thoroughly investigated. Questions that we address include:

  • Who owned the property
  • Was the area properly maintained?
  • Who was responsible for clearing the snow and/or ice?
  • When did the snow stop falling? This can make a huge difference. Everything from weather reports to witness testimony and camera footage can assist in answering this question.
  • Was the area well lit?
  • Did the injured party share in responsibility for the happening of the accident? Pedestrians have a duty to look where they are going and take due care for their own safety.
  • Did the injured party have other places he or she could have walked over?

Our Media Slip and Fall Lawyers know that carefully investigating the facts of a case can help determine the viability of a premises liability case, such as a slip and fall accident.  In Pennsylvania, if an injured party is over 50% at fault for an accident, he or she will not be allowed to recover. Therefore, it is extremely important that a quick, thorough investigation of all relevant facts be conducted.


Studies have shown that the most frequent injuries suffered in slip and fall accidents are injuries to the back. One in seven disabling injuries are due to slip and fall accidents. In many of these cases, the property owner or possessor was negligent in their maintenance of the premises.

If you or a loved one wishes to discuss a slip and fall accident in the Media or Philadelphia region, please contact Media Slip and Fall Lawyer Scott Bonebrake at 610-892-7700 or e-mail Scott at to schedule a free, no obligation initial consultation.

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