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We have launched our new Executive MSc in Supply Chain Management programme, designed to equip participants with the skills to face unprecedented challenges in the supply chain sector, such as increased disruptions and growing pressures to become economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Blended Learning Programme Structure

Commencing in September 2024, the Executive MSc in Supply Chain Management offers a blend of on-campus and online learning spread over a two-year period. This dynamic format is designed to accommodate the diverse needs and schedules of working professionals, providing them with flexibility without compromising on the quality of education.

Addressing Contemporary Challenges

The new programme will enable participants to advance their existing careers in Supply Chain or take up new roles in operations, digital transformation and consultancy. 

“In today’s world, any product is produced with involvement of a large number of organisations, but these global supply networks are increasingly under stress due to multiple risks and disasters - both natural and man-made” says Professor Atanu Chaudhuri, Programme Director of the Executive MSc in Supply Chain Management. 

“At the same time, realisation of the need to create environmental, social and economically sustainable supply chains coupled with advancements in digital technologies means that supply networks are on the cusp of significant changes. Future supply chain leaders will need to use appropriate technologies and analytics to make real-time decisions and design and manage end-to-end supply networks which are sustainable and resilient.”   

Meeting Industry Demands

Participants will benefit from specialised modules developed to consider the needs of modern businesses operating in a volatile and uncertain environment. Teaching will focus not only on functional supply chain skills but also on communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills, combined with analytics and data science as well as an overall strategic understanding of business.  

“From the semi-conductor shortage to the recent disruption in the Red Sea, supply chain leaders are increasingly operating in a volatile environment.  When parts don’t reach their destination in time, this impacts the entire business.”, says Sue Boyd, Head of Executive Education at our Business School. 

“We have created Durham’s new Executive MSc in Supply Chain Management to meet the growing demand from businesses to equip their supply chain teams with the strategies and skills needed to navigate these increasingly complex challenges. This innovative programme is a key addition to our growing Exec Ed portfolio.” 

Practical Application and Collaborative Learning

Participants will also complete a strategic supply chain project based on practical problems with real companies, as well as benefiting from the business school’s partnership with the University of Mannheim, enriching the learning experience through diverse perspectives and expertise.

As businesses continue to navigate an increasingly interconnected and unpredictable global marketplace, initiatives like the Executive MSc in Supply Chain Management are poised to shape the next generation of supply chain leaders, equipped to drive innovation, resilience, and sustainability in supply networks worldwide.

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